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let’s get deep

SquidThreads™ is owned & operated by a group of young professionals who have a passion for festival culture and want to share it with the rest of the world. This group of friends started traveling to festies together and the squad began to grow just as many of your squads have!

With the help of some impromptu totems and mornings around a camp stove, we became the SquidSquad.  To the SquidSquad, festivals offer much more than partying. For us, music festivals are a chance for us to take a break from the mundane and surround ourselves with electric vibes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity and chaos of the “real world”, but all of that seems to fade away the moment you set foot on the festival grounds. The energy is undeniable and creates a harmony among strangers who become best friends during the 4 day adventures they share. The atmosphere shines with love and acceptance for every creature. We think that glow is something you should be able to experience everyday.

After many late night conversations around camp fires, the Squad decided to extend our tentacles and reach for the moon. Thus, SquidThreads™ was born.

Our goal is to continue to foster the festival culture inside and outside of these events. We do this by practicing generosity, acceptance, patience and positive attitudes in all areas of life. 

Our mission is to create quality products that will assist festival goers of all experience levels to have a stellar time inkin’ their events.

We are starting from humble beginnings and are completely self-funded so our current product base is modest. We look forward to growing our product range and sharing milestones with you!

All the love, 

The Squids